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(3)Yanqing Specialty—Baked Bun

Baked Bun (Huo Shao) is the local specialty of Yanqing, mainly prevailing from Yanqing to Yongning area, and cannot be found outside Sihai Town in the east or Huailai County in the west. There is little information about its year of advent. It is the outcome resulting from the integration of different diet conventions of different immigrants in Yanqing. Raw material adopted by Yanqing Baked Bun is the mixture with half leavening dough and half flour. A small amount of the mixed dough with oil and salt is used as the stuffing which is then wrapped with the same dough; after that, a mallet is used to press and tap the dough product; and lastly, the product can be further processed in a baking machine. This making process is called "Hit" or "Da" in Chinese. The mallet is about one foot in length and is made of hardwood. During the process, attention should be paid to the sound. The half-finished bun should be firstly heated till 80% done and then baked under the griddle. Since it has both stuffing and wrapper, it can be layered; since it is heated and then baked, it is slightly scorched outside and tender inside. There are many ways to savor the baked bun: eating directly, eating with other dishes, being red-cooking, being stewed, etc. Thanks to its good flavor and convenience in eating, the baked bun has become one of the specialties of Yanqing.

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