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III Convenient Transportation

(1) The Green Traffic Screen

Passing through the "Rainbow" Photographed by Si Da

Yanqing is located at the important freight passage from the northwestern provinces to Beijing with Datong-Qinhuangdao Electric Railway, Beijing–Lhasa Expressway and National Highway 110 passing through the whole area. Besides, five integrated checkpoints and one overrun and overloaded testing station are set to assume 70% of the testing tasks of Beijing. In the work of jointly managing the overrun and overloaded vehicles which has been developed by the five provinces in North China for 10 years, Yanqing has always been in the frontier position, serving as an ecological guard for the green Beijing. Thanks to the unremitting integrated testing work, the overrun and overloaded vehicles have been dramatically reduced, the highways and bridges have been effectively protected, the traffic situation has changed for better and the ecological environment has been significantly improved.

(2) "Village-to-Village" Buses

The public transit network in Yanqing has a high coverage rate and a reasonable layout, and restored the bus route in the eastern mountains, which effectively settled the problem of exceeding seating capacity in that area, thus making it possible for Yanqing people to enjoy the safe, pleasing and reliable public transport service.

(3) Line S2 Launches a New Operation Mode

Line S2 of Beijing Suburban Railway or Line S2 in short, refers to the commuter train running on Beijing–Baotou Railway and Kangzhuang-Yanqing Branch Line. Starting from Beijing North Railway Station in Xicheng District, passing through Haidian District and Changping District and arriving at Yanqing Station of Yanqing County, this line is the first quick commuter rail transportation system in Beijing with the daily carrying capacity nearly 20,000 passengers The opening of Line S2 greatly improved the traffic conditions in Yanqing and Beijing core area for the convenience of citizens and relieved the traffic jams on Beijing–Lhasa Expressway and at Deshengmen Station, thus making useful explorations in giving play to the function of the suburban railway and providing services for the urban public transport.

Apart from the basic functions of relieving the traffic jam and providing the convenience for citizens to travel, Line S2 has its biggest highlight in scientifically and effectively assuming the urban commuting by means of the surplus railway capacity and vitalizing the residual railway assets. Its scientific and green concept featuring low carbon and environmental protection matches well with the development strategy of Yanqing for ecological civilization.

The Winding Path Photographed by Hua Lanzhu

In the years to come, after the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Intercity Railway is completed, the time from Beijing North Railway Station to Badaling will be reduced to 20 minutes from 1 hour and 10 minutes and that to Yanqing Station to 30 minutes from 1 hour and 30 minutes, thus providing convenience for Yanqing to go to the world and build the international zone for recreation and tourism.

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