Land for the First Phase of the International Horticultural Exhibition Completes Market Entering Transaction

  • offcial website of Beijing Expo 2019  2017-Sep-15 10:49:02

On September 13, the land for the first phase of the International Horticultural Exhibition (24 parcels including YQ00-0300-0004) completed the market entering transaction through listing, and the deal was finalized by a base entry price of 3.9 billion yuan. The land winner was Beijing International Horticulture Investment Development Co., Ltd. (International Horticulture).


International Horticulture has carried out first-class land development projects for the International Horticultural Exhibition since September 2015. With the strong support of the municipal government, all commissions and bureaus, and the Yanqing District, International Horticulture was able to successfully complete phase I of the project after 22 months. This project was developed for the International Horticultural Exhibition as it enters the market. On August 10, this was formally launched for transferring. This time, the land sold included the operating project land of phase I of the International Horticultural Village and Horticultural Park, covering an area of approximately 419,116 m2, with the land area for construction and the construction area totaling to 407,561 m2. The initial selling price was 3.9 billion yuan, and the bidding cycle was from August 10 to September 13, 2017.

The land for phase I of the International Horticultural Exhibition was to be used to construct of International Horticultural Exhibition’s Botanical Garden, Horticultural Town, Industrial Belt, supporting business services, International Horticultural Hotel, Exhibitors Apartment, Security Center, Digital Center, etc. The land listing for selling indicates that the operating supporting project of the International Horticultural Exhibition has officially begun its transfer from first-class development to second-level construction in an all-round manner. International Horticulture will fully focus on construction management and complete the construction task of the supporting service on time, in an effort to provide a strong guarantee for the success of the International Horticultural Exhibition.

International Horticultural Exhibition Hotel, Exhibitor Apartment, Digital Center, Aerial View of the Security Center

Aerial View of the Botanical Garden