Introduction of China Telecom 5G Pavilion


As a global partner of Beijing Expo 2019, China Telecom provides high-quality and intelligent telecommunications infrastructure and supporting services for the Expo. The China Telecom 5G Pavilion, which is marked as the 5G Demonstration Zone on the tour map of Beijing Expo, is located about 100 meters west of No.1 Gate of the Expo Site. It integrates such new technologies as VR, MR, UAV and AI Robotics with 5G and echoes the Expo’s theme “Live Green, Live Better” through providing wonderful 5G experience for visitors.

The 5G network covers every corner of the China Telecom 5G Pavilion, where tourists can connect to 5G-based WIFI hotpots via their cell phones and experience the extraordinary connection speed of the 5G network. Technically, the maximum download speed of 5G is tens of times that of 4G. It takes only dozens of seconds to download a full-length HD movie of 1G. 

Exhibition Item 1: 5G•AI Robot

The robot can synchronously simulate any movement made by a staffer who wears a costume equipped with sensors, almost without any delay, as long as it is covered by the 5G network. This application is attributed to the ultra-low latency of 5G, which is particularly suited for some highly dangerous operation scenarios.

Exhibition Item 2: 5G City of the Future

As the telecommunications infrastructure constructor and operator of Beijing Expo 2019, China Telecom has capitalized on the technical advantage of 5G to build a “Smart Expo” in the real sense. The 5G Pavilion houses an inductive sand table of the Expo Site. The four representative application scenarios—environmental monitoring, intelligent sanitation, intelligent irrigation and water quality monitoring—are placed at corresponding sensing locations on the sand table. Through touching such locations on the screen, visitors can open videos and watch relevant solutions. 

Exhibition Item 3: 5G Cloud Class

Through the use of 5G+MR technology, China Telecom breaks the limit of space and time and enables students in remote areas to enjoy quality educational resources. With the help of a pair of MR glasses, visitors can see two virtual robots vividly explaining what is 5G. Thus, they can understand 5G and look into the 5G-based future life in a more interesting and direct way. 

Exhibition Item 4: 5G•AI Patrol Robot

The China Telecom 5G Pavilion has a patrol robot. The robot can automatically transmit the videos it captures during the patrolling process to the monitoring screen of the pavilion via the 5G network. This 5G application provides a new type of safety monitoring solution for large-scale events like Beijing Expo.

Exhibition Item 5: 5G Cloud Games

5G also makes our recreational lives more colorful. Based on technical capacities of 5G such high broadband width and ultra-low latency, computer games can be calculated and rendered via servers of relevant cloud platforms. In this case, users need no longer to equip their computers with pricy high-end graphics cards and processors, but can enjoy games unimpededly with an ordinary computer monitor. 

Exhibition Item 6: 5G Dream Life

Based on CAVE VR technology, 5G Dream Life showcases the scenes of family life in the future. Following the guidance of the robot named Xiaoyi, visitors can switch between scenarios such as the sitting room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom with gestures, and operate a variety of novel intelligent living applications, thus experiencing future family life. 

Exhibition Item 7: 5G Expo Tour

Wearing a pair of 4K or 8K VR glasses, visitors can watch videos of the Expo Site taken by UAVs and remote cameras, which are sent back in real time via the 5G network. Thanks to the ultra-low latency and high speed of 5G, such videos have no delays and can thus give an immersive experience to visitors, allowing them to enjoy the views of the Expo Site from the best perspective. 

Exhibition Item 8: Time Travel 

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and review the history of the telecommunications industry and China Telecom over the past seven decades, the pavilion is equipped with an interactive, transparent screen to display the history of China’s telecommunications sector. Moreover, visitors can experience interactive photography. Through scanning their faces, the device can automatically produce personal photos with antique finish as souvenirs for visitors. 

Exhibition Item 9: 5G•AI Experience Zone

At the 5G•AI Experience Zone, visitors can play the finger-guessing game with a robotic arm, enabling them to experience the unprecedented intelligence of 5G. As the 5G+AI era draws near, the integration of 5G and AI technologies will create a safer and more convenient and comfortable living environment for people across the world. Then, all humans will embrace a great era of intelligence.

Exhibition Item 10: 5G Equipment Exhibition Zone

The exhibition zone allows visitors to have a close contact with all kinds of 5G equipment and devices, including the latest 5G smartphones, 5G digital terminals, and 5G chips independently developed by China. There, visitors can feel China’s leading advantage in the field of 5G.