The Exhibition Garden of Japan


The Japanese Exhibition Garden mainly displays the colorful and profound Japanese horticultural culture and the latest Japanese lifestyle.It consists of two parts:courtyard and exhibition hall.The courtyard is in the style of “pool spring”, with pools in its center. By using the traditional gardening technology of combining mountains and rocks and plant layout, it reconstructs that the spring water flows out from the deep valley,passes through three waterfalls, and finally injects into the natural landscape of the pond.On the east side of the courtyard, there is a Japanese exhibition hall in the form of a tea room,with stone lanterns and basins,forming a “tea room courtyard” to create a dedicated welcome space.In the pond,there are Koi from Nagaoka and Ojiya-shi, their birthplaces.With the help of steel structure, the exhibition hall has created a spacious space without columns.The broad eaves with Japanese architectural features can protect the building from the sun and rain. The Japanese courtyard can be viewed from the open windows. In the exhibition hall, the experts of Japanese flower arrangement, bonsai and western flower use beautiful Japanese flowers with distinctive seasons, with the theme of “facing the sea, seasonal flowers” to show the colorful Japanese flower culture that integrates nature into life. The central main exhibition area will change exhibitors every two weeks to depict the flowers and life of the four seasons in Japan.