Gardening Culture

The Oldest Garden in Xi’an—Huaqing Hot Spring

Huaqing Hot Spring, located at the north foot of Lishan Mountain, adjacent to Tongcheng District, can be called the oldest existing garden due to its long history.

Four Most Famous Gardens in China: Humble Administrator Garden

Humble Administrator Garden, located in the northeastern corner of Suzhou ancient city, is one of the first group of key cultural relics protection sites, one of the four most famous gardens in China, a national 5A scenery site and a world cultural heritage site.

The Art of Chinese Garden and Traditional Chinese Culture

The art of Chinese garden has a rich theme of ideas and a subtle imaginary, because of the rich aesthetic ideas associated with Chinese gardens and the profound Chinese traditional culture.

The Landscaping of Chinese Gardens

The landscaping of the Chinese garden is often realized through comparing, foiling, scaling, true and false conditions, and other artistic techniques.

What Are We Talking about when We Talk about Plants in Classical Chinese Gardens?

China has a long history and splendid culture. The art of traditional Chinese garden also has a long history and exhibits elegant taste.
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