1999 Kunming International Horticultural Exposition, China(Category A1)

Time: May 1– Oct.31,1999
Site: North Golden Temple (Jin Dian), Kunming
Theme: Man and Nature, Marching into the 21st Century 2016-03-28

1999 Kunming International Horticultural Exposition, China

Category: A1

Time: May 1– Oct.31,1999

Site: North Golden Temple (Jin Dian), Kunming

Theme:Man and Nature, Marching into the 21st Century

Brief introduction:

In 1999, the World Horicultural Exposition was successfully held in Kunming (“the City of Perpetual Spring”) with the theme of“Man and Nature, Marching into the 21st Century”.It is the first specialized world exposition hosted by China, which gave China confidence and experience in holding theShanghai World Expo 2010(universal). Kunming World Horticultural Expositionlasted for 184 days and attracted 9.5 million visitors from home and abroad.

Blessed with natural advantages, Yunnan has agoodreputation as“the Kingdom of Plants”.The forest coverage rate of the expo area is up to 70%.The overall plan of the expo area mainly includes 5 major indoor halls (China Hall, the International Hall, the Man and Nature Hall, the Science and Technology Hall and the Grand Greenhouse) with 500 kinds of treesinterspersing, 6 theme gardens (the Bamboo Garden, the Vegetable and Fruit Garden, the Bonsai Plants Garden, the TreeGarden, the Medicinal Herb Garden,etc.) and 3 outdoorshowplaces(the International Exhibition Gardens, the Domestic Exhibition Gardens and the Exhibition Area for Enterprises).In addition, there are services facilities, such as reception center, amusement park, customs, police station, fire station, restaurants etc., and many scenic spots (Cliff Sculpture, New Century Sculpture, symbol tower music fountain, art square, etc.) in the expo park.

Among them, the International Hall is inspired by the traditional Chinese space concept of“the round sky and square earth”, while the China Hall uses modern exhibition styles, combining“yellow wall and red tile”and“Chinesepavilions”to highlight Chinese styles.In addition to the collection of gardening masterpieces of China, the China hall also replicates the Temple of Heaven and theJade Flower Islandof Beihai Park, both of which are famous scenic spots in Beijing.

With the theme of“Man and Nature, Marching into the 21st Century”, the Expo held international academicseminars and special flower exhibition activities once a month.Besides, the organizer arranged national celebration activities, where tens of countries brought performances full of their national features.


The mascot of the Expo is a human like Snub-nosed monkey named“Lingling”.“Ling”in Chinese character refers to the soul of all things in the world, impressive natural sceneries as well as talented people in Yunnan Province.“Lingling”is charminglynaïve.He holds flowers to welcome friends from all over the world, which not only corresponds to the theme of human and nature, but also expresses warm welcome and hospitality from people in Yunnan Province.


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