Beijing Expo 2019

  • Twelve Scenes Depict Colorful Yunnan

    ​The Yunnan Garden is uniquely designed, with mountains as itsmatrix and rivers its veins, linked by paths and dotted by buildings,representing a primitive kingdom of plants.
  • Henan and its culture in flowery language

    At the 2019 Beijing Expo, the Henan Pavilion will use the theme of “flowery language” in its integration of Chinese culture with gardening and show the world the mountai​ns, rivers, plains and history of Henan.
  • A Qilu-Style Garden, A Charming Shandong

    ​With splendid landscapes, the Qilu region (now Shandong) enjoys a beautiful scenery. Shandong is not only the birthplace of the Qilu culture but also the source of Confucianism.
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